Chaotic Cooky Kitchen #3 – Butterscotch Brownies

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Welcome back to the Chaotic Cooky Kitchen, where I’m still trying to get back on track here. But this time, I brought in a ringer recipe, because I can’t pass these up when I have the opportunity to make them.

But I didn’t have to do anything crazy like jump ahead at all, just move on a couple of pages to:

Molded Cookies

OK, this is a recipe in theĀ Cooky Book* that I know and love via my mom. It’s not something that she makes constantly, but they are always good:

This ended up accidentally slightly artistic. It won’t happen again.

This one is really simple and quick, right down to the number of ingredients:

There’s no pineapple in this recipe. Really.

Start off by melting some butter. I resisted the urge to use the microwave, since the book predates residential microwaves. (Yeah, or… I already had the pan out when I thought of using the microwave. One of those two.)

Once we’re all melty, add the brown sugar, and resist the thought that it looks like you just dumped out a can of cat food.

Smells a LOT better than that.

And then, surprisingly… it all has to cool.

Back out on the deck.

Unfortunately, if you’re like me –not recommended; it’s tiring — you’ll leave it out just a few minutes too long and it’ll freeze freaking solid.

Oh well, we’ll take a break and let it heat up on the back of the stove while the oven preheats.


OK, back to it. Quick, add your egg!

Bits were still slightly frozen at this point. The plastic whisk almost didn’t make it.

Because of that, er, added step, I ended up whipping the butter/sugar/egg mixture maybe even lighter than the recipe would suggest. Didn’t seem to harm anything.

Meanwhile, I tried for the sifting trifecta, but it turned out not to matter even a little in this recipe. Can’t hurt anything though.

Then mix it all together, along with the vanilla and the nuts.

Ask me why I didn’t mix in the bowl. (Answer: no idea. I may have been tired.)

Meanwhile, you prepared your pan, right? Unlike me, you had a clean 8×8 brownie pan1, right? Good.

But a pie pan will work just fine in a pinch.

Press the batter into the pan:

And bake it! The recipe warns you not to let it over-bake, but depending on your taste it might take an awful lot to do that.

And what you end up with is something buttery, chewy, and also something that I’m certain I’ve had before. As they cool, they’ll get even more chewy, which I think is great.

Even if the pan is well-greased, they will try (and occasionally succeed) to stick.

The Verdict: A+

Oof. These are kryptonite for someone trying to do a low-carb diet.2 They’re always excellent, but if you have a chance to buy high-quality unsweetened chocolate3, do it, and absolutely use it in this recipe.

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