Stellar job, Strib

The article‘s a bit overwrought, but still… do the ol’ switcheroo in your head and imagine this story with a Trump-supporting congresscritter.

The lack of investigative interest or curiosity in one side of the aisle’s… issues… ought to be a hint

Reporters Preya Samsundar of AlphaNewsMN, Scott Johnson of Powerline, myself, and virtually no one else attempted to sway the most influential media decision on Omar: that of Minnesota’s largest outlet, the Star Tribune. In addition to our many published articles, the Star Tribune received calls and emails from us offering to privately share additional leads we had gathered.
Virtually nothing came of it.

“What phenomenal headline material!
Which the Star Tribune did not use. In fact, the paper chose to not even report that the likely tax fraud shock was in the Board’s findings. But the paper did include a quote from Omar — “I’m glad this process is complete” — and left it unchallenged.
Quickly shamed on social media, Star Tribune published a do-over the following day which did include the joint-filing discovery.”

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Computering like it’s 1995

I recently made the slightly-upward move from a 5-year-old Android phone to a new Apple 6s.  I had the Android for almost 5 years, and the phone was released 6 years ago (my wallet prefers them slightly aged), so a move to the not-quite-3-year-old Apple phone is a move upward… mostly.

Surprisingly, the transition isn’t that big.  Oh, there are differences, but most of them are just a matter of “they could have chosen X, but chose Y” and I get most of them.  Some of them are even better choices than those made by the Android (or LineageOS) developers.

But the files. Files, man files.

In a sane world, if I get an email attachment, or have one in Evernote, or get a file in a message, I could save it locally if I’d like to come back to it later.  Particularly if, for some reason, Apple or the app developer has not given me the option to “share” the file to a different application.  There’s even a convenient-looking app called “Files” that would seem to give you access to those file thingies.

[Apple folks have started laughing already, I expect.]

Since I had a new phone, one that might actually ring when people tried to call me instead of pretending I was offline, I decided that I should have a new ringtone.  I had recently heard a song (you don’t want to know) that I thought would work.  Naturally I had an MP3 available, and thought I would add it.


Long story slightly longer, and after many wrong turns involving trying to get Files to work (short version of that: you need an app that is “allowed” to access a folder there before you have any folders available.  After that, any stupid other app can put a file there)… marvel at the steps involved to do a simple thing:

  1. Convert file.
  2. Rename and place file in iTunes.
  3. Dump file back to desktop.
  4. Change filename.
  5. Dump back into iTunes.
  6. Sync with iTunes.
  7. Make sure the camera on your PC is on.
  8. Rub your belly, pat your head, and hop on one foot at the same time.
  9. Hope the video of you first swearing at Apple and then doing exactly what they wanted you to do doesn’t go viral.

I mean, I get it, Apple wants you to buy ringtones from them.  In my case, though, that’s never, ever, EVER going to happen.

So I spent probably 2 hours navigating the nonsense that is iTunes1 and getting those files — yeah, mission creep had occurred and I was doing an alarm too — but at the end, I had my freaking ringtones.


And throughout I was flashing back to 1997, when I was a co-op and working with a machine in a semiconductor fab — I bet you never knew I was so cool — that used, of all things, OS2/Warp as its operating system2.

Anyway, Warp kind of looked like an operating system, mostly. But there were tasks, given your past with Windows 3.1 and 95 (oh shush, I’m even older than that) that you would expect it to be able to do, like transfer a file from here to there. With the visual cues all present, it looked like you should be able to do things like that, but because OS2 was still only half-baked, you couldn’t, and there wasn’t much explanation of why not (apart from “you bought OS2, dummy”).

That is what it’s like in Apple-land now, although I suspect for slightly different reasons.  I imagine they’d claim “security,” and they might be right, but handling files is a pretty basic feature of an operating system, and one that I suspect they think they can do securely on a Mac.

So I struggle on with my massively competent computer in my pocket, waiting for the next thing it can’t do as well as an operating system from 30 years ago3.

1 Wow, what a piece…
2 Even then, we knew that was a mistake, but it’s not one of the options they let you pick in the plasma etcher catalog.
3 But really, I am enjoying having a phone with some space and processor power. Now if only I could find a podcast app that makes sense…

Nailed it as usual

I think she learned this lesson sooner than many, myself included:


I’d also learned to pass, which is an important skill for Odds to have, if they are careful not to let it fool them into thinking it’s the real them. Because then they’re miserable, and they don’t know why.

Mild content warning later in the post, but still worth your time.


Big-time small-time con

It sounds to me like he did more work than it would have taken to actually build up a following and then go on tour:


But the Los Angeles band Threatin have taken that idea to a level previously thought unimaginable: the band was able to book an entire tour of Europe despite having no fanbase whatsoever, and it’s all in the process of crashing down around them.

To do it, the band’s frontman and leader, Jered Threatin, posed as a nonexistent booking agent / promoter to land the gigs, used faked live footage of allegedly packed shows in L.A., bought Facebook likes, event RSVPs and YouTube views and lied about ticket sales numbers to swindle venue owners and talent buyers into taking on the shows.

(h/t Ace’s ONT)

Calories are a social construct

(Yeah, suddenly I remembered I had this blog thing…)

But I was assured that gender was an illusion:

After eight weeks on the low-calorie, high-protein diet, all participants had lost about 10 percent of their body weight and gained control of their blood sugar, researchers said.  In addition, men lost significantly more body fat than women, had improved resting heart rate, lower bad cholesterol and had lost a few inches off their waist.

They also probably will still die sooner, but still… privilege!

Not exactly how I would have put it

But worth a read nonetheless:

Cultural appropriation is not a glitch of American life. It’s a feature. It’s part of what makes the country great. We take your culture, we get rid of the oppression, the mass murder, the slavery, the intransigent poverty and the endless internecine wars. We keep the pasta and the funny hats, and occasionally we dress up as you on Halloween. It’s a good deal for everyone.