Month: April 2018

Schadenfreude is occasionally… delicious

I’m not proud to say that this is somewhat enjoyable: Oh, there’s plenty…

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Faster, please

This would be an excellent education opportunity if someone can provide the materials.   We…

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A fair question

Why do people who want everyone to live in places with the least amount of…

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An unoriginal thought (or two)

OK, look, I know it’s hacky and the first thing that would come to mind…

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I know it’s not exactly a general-interest story, but the stream of SF “fans” bullying…

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A modest proposal

In exchange for freedom from prosecution or massive regulation due to their bungled (at best)…

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Tee hee

We could rename it the Paul Douglas effect here: But the alarmists try to connect…

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There just isn’t enough coffee on the planet for this weekend.

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Fun coincidence

As I was finishing up reading a book that starred a cult-leader character named Bhagwan…

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So after a year and a third of being told our current President is lazy,…

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