Month: January 2021

Chaotic Cooky Kitchen #4 – Teen-Time Chocolate Nut Bars

Welcome back to the Chaotic Cooky Kitchen, where we’re nothing if not persistent.

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Chaotic Cooky Kitchen #3 – Butterscotch Brownies

This one is really simple and quick, right down to the number of ingredients: Start…

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Chaotic cooky kitchen #2

Drop cookies cont’d Welcome back to the Chaotic Cooky Kitchen! As I mentioned last week,…

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Nice timing

Heck of a day for CTMS to be offline. Good thing there’s the Wayback Machine.

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Plan accordingly

Tech platforms are no longer bothering to pretend to be First Amendment-adjacent. Act accordingly, and…

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The font of all "cooky" knowledge

Chaotic Cooky Kitchen #1

So… in an attempt to do something semi-productive, and in a fit of partial insanity,…

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