Happy Cheapturkeysgiving!

It was a weekend of making and eating food for some reason, and on Sunday we did the annual; “at $0.79/lb you can’t afford NOT to buy a turkey” meal, a small subset of a Thanksgiving meal but with an abundance of pies because my recipe backlog at this point is in the thousands.

It's called an Orion.  You should have one.
No, it’s not a rocket test in progress
Canned turkey
It may not look pretty, but it’s slightly smoked and not the least bit dry.
Pies of doom
The nearest is the fairly-well-named “Impossible Pecan Pie” recipe that Bravetart refuses to publish. The third time I make it I will probably get it right, but even slightly off it’s great.
Sunday dinner
The whole spread minus dessert. Note the ridiculous amount of gravy… it may get frozen for our next roast chicken.

2 thoughts on “Happy Cheapturkeysgiving!

  1. YOU CAN’T PUT TURKEY GRAVY ON A CHICKEN!?! What would baby Jesus say? “Delicious!” Or so I imagine. Babies aren’t that smart. Then again. Babies really don’t talk a lot either. (They’ll eat up them cranberries tho)

  2. I’M AWAITING MODERATION?!?? I UNSUBSCRIBE. (But thank you for reminding me that James Lileks is still out there. I still remember calling him and Jeremy(?) when The Diner got torn down. I still have my leaky urinal.)

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