An unoriginal thought (or two)

OK, look, I know it’s hacky and the first thing that would come to mind after reading this (which, by the way, is awful and sad) but I’ve got 2 unoriginal things, so that’s better… right?  (Don’t answer that.)

1. If the NRA* can be held responsible for all gun homicides (newsflash: they can’t) then David Hogg and his classmates have even more responsibility for this boy’s death than the NRA ever could for a gun homicide.  They literally said “hey, go out there and march” and that led to this boy’s tragic death.

2.  In a school shooting, gun owners and manufacturers are told that they are evil and must be put in check for the greater good.  Meanwhile, the 8 other people/organizations that let someone slip through the cracks get little attention.  Apply those politics to this situation, and instead of seeing how the walkout got out of hand or a driver was distracted, people would attack… David Hogg and Ford.



(*note: I am not a member, but I have been tempted to join every time boycotts are threatened, because that’s my temperament.)