I know it’s not exactly a general-interest story, but the stream of SF “fans” bullying conventions into treating conservative (or, well, non-leftist) authors like pariahs continues:

But they very much rescinded because they were concerned for my safety.

That was how bad it was getting.

They weren’t concerned I’d grab and axe and start killing all the POCs, women, transgenders, what have you.

They were (justifiably from the comments) concerned for MY safety. And the ‘bullying’ they were commenting on was the bullying by the SJW twitter mobsters.

And there’s more:

I’ve been to those cons. I know what happens. Every single panel turns into a continuous shitfest. I’m constantly stopped in the hallways to be asked when did I join the Nazi party and how long have I been a Nazi.

Yeah, sounds like fun.

But back to Hoyt, who is a joy to read regardless of what she’s writing:

I’m not sure how the policies I advocate being libertarian makes it an inevitable consequence these idiots would die.  Given how much I’d reduce state power given the chance, it would have to be “I can kill you with my mind.”


But I do know that deaths are the inevitable consequence of Marxism, as Venezuela is proving yet again.  And yet, these people, these ignorant children, are all for giving it another try.  A hundred million broken eggs, not a single omelet, but it is the people who oppose this tyranny whose philosophy “inevitably” causes death.