Plan accordingly

Tech platforms are no longer bothering to pretend to be First Amendment-adjacent. Act accordingly, and find alternate means to communicate with friends and family, preferably ones that are subject to laws requiring equal access. Those should stay in place for a while.

(Land lines may turn out to be useful again!)

If you are near the center or actually conservative (read: to the right of Mao), be ready to be removed from social media, hosting platforms, etc. at any time for any or no reason. Make sure your livelihood does not rely on those platforms, because that will be the next step (it’s already started for people with high profiles).

Be sure you have your friends’ and family’s current phone numbers (if you want to be able to reach them, that is). Find an alternative to Gmail, if you’re using it. Maybe think about getting a ham radio license.

It’s going to be a rough stretch for a while. Good luck.