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This would be an excellent education opportunity if someone can provide the materials.


We are working on the second version of the platform and we are expecting by the end of summer, preliminary results should be reported. By September 2018, prototype chips would be available for demos. The second version aims to service a 16 multi-block chip. For instance on a 2mm by 2mm chip in 180nm CMOS technology, 16 blocks of 350umx350um can be instantiated. Where for each 350umx350um block, the fabrication cost will be 350 dollars. Each block will have access to supply pins, SPI, JTAG, regulators, biasing, so the 350umx350um are full real-state for your circuitry. To give some perspective, you might place a basic 32-bit RISC-V-based microprocessor with the basic instruction set on that area. You will have thousands of transistors available for you to get your idea on-a-chip!