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We live in the luckiest era in history, and here’s why

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Fallout from cheapturkeysgiving

Soup plus a bit of extra stock to work with…

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Sunday dinner

Happy Cheapturkeysgiving!

It was a weekend of making and eating food for some reason, and on Sunday…

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Have I entered the mobile age finally?

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Out of the fog…?

I spent this week with a slight sense of wonder, navigating through work and home…

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Computering like it’s 1995

I recently made the slightly-upward move from a 5-year-old Android phone to a new Apple…

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Nailed it as usual

I think she learned this lesson sooner than many, myself included:   I’d also learned…

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Counting down

So, how long until someone gets fired because someone else faked deleted tweets?

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Big-time small-time con

It sounds to me like he did more work than it would have taken to…

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Not exactly how I would have put it

But worth a read nonetheless: Cultural appropriation is not a glitch of American life. It’s…

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